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3 Smart E-Learning solutions for every budget

New smart online training tools and ready-made solutions that can be adapted to the growth of each business.

3 Smart eLearning solutions for every budget - Solutions 2Grow
3 Smart eLearning solutions for every budget - Solutions 2Grow
3 Smart eLearning solutions for every budget - Solutions 2Grow

Atlanta Case study

Gold award at HR Awards 2021

Atlanta SA with 34 brands (Kellogg's, Pringles, Henkell, Duracell, Twinings etc.), seeing the rapid developments due to covid-19, decided to act immediately on the challenge of finding a universal training solution for its staff in: Sales, Negotiation, Sales Forecasting, use of new digital tools, communication and telecommuting management.

Why to choose Solutions2Grow

Solutions2Grow use a holistic approach through new technologies
and offer affordable and efficient solutions for Personnel Training and E-Learning Platforms.

Using New Technologies

We use high end technologies to build E-Learning Platforms, which increase efficiency while keeping costs low.

Innovative Learning Solutions

We implement new strategies and constantly strive to make use of new tools to increase the quality and the speed of the learning process.
Why Solutions2Grow - Services

Custom Courses

We create your own customised – cost effective – training material and courses, complete with your brand.
We provide you with complete value for money courses for the training of your personnel (from 2Grow platform’s library).

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“Performance Management & Feedback” (Dynargie)

“Key Account Management” (Ανάδειξη)

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